Olive and Caper Tomato Sauce

The Olive and Caper Tomato Sauce : the genuine tomato taste with authentic and simple ingredients.

The olive and caper tomato sauce plays a key role in one of the oldest recipes of the renowned south-italian gastronomy: spaghetti alla marinara, more commonly known spaghetti alla putanesca.

The etyymology of the name puttanesca is uncertain, according to researchers, the name derives from a fast and simple recipe prepared for brothel regulars in the spanish quarter of Naples.

But this theory is one interpretation among others; the only thing that’s really certain is the easy meal-preparation and the unforgettable taste of spaghetti with olive and caper tomato sauce.

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    Italian Tomato Sauce

  • Weight: 400 gr, 1000 gr
  • Ingredients: cherry tomatoes, black olives, capers, onions, extra virgin oil, garlic, parsley, salt.
  • How to use it: condiment ready-to-use for your pasta, juste to heat up the sauce (do not overcook). Refrigerate after opening.

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