Organic Products

  • Organic Products
  • Organic sauces

    Organic sauces

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Organic cream, pâté and pesto

    Organic cream, pâté and pesto

  • Organic Marmalades

    Organic Marmalades

  • Organic Honey

    Organic Honey

  • Organic Wine

    Organic Wine

Castello d’Angio’s organic products, without pesticides and chemical additives, guarantee benefits : the protection of human health and the preservation of environment.

Why organic food?

Organic products are richer in vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals.

They are more nutritious and without neurotoxins, thus helping health and well-being.

Organic products save the soil and are not subject to artificial ripening process.

Organic farming promotes natural wildlife habitat.

Prodotti Agricoltura Biologica

Discover the Castello d’Angio’s range of organic food : tomato sauce (passata di pomodoro), prepared sauces, olive pâtés or with peppers and eggplants, sicilian pesto or with sardines, caponata and vegetable rolls. In addition, extra-virgin olive oil and durum wheat pasta, delicious organic marmalades and wine, white as well as red.

Healthy eating means living better!