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Castello d’Angio’s farm produces organic almonds.

Our organic almonds are partially used to make organic pestos like the Siciliano Organic Pesto or the Trapanese Organic Pesto.

Healthy eating means living better: with us you can !

Prodotti Agricoltura Biologica

From January to March, almond trees are blossoming and flowering is particularly early compared to other trees in the same geographic area. The almond harvest takes place during July and August, although dried almonds are available all the year thanks to the seed conservation.

After harvest, almonds are dried in the open air, naturally. In a second phase, almonds are shelled, that means the elimination of the external part of the fruit. This external part protects the woody pit (the almond) and the seed (the edible part) from external agents.

The drying process of the seed takes place without this pit.