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Organic food production

A family proud of sicilian roots and deeply attached to its lands : the same land that produces vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, allowing us to make our cans and sauces according to true sicilian recipes. Products that bring to your table genuine and authentic flavours of a sunny and natural territory framed by the sea.
An unique taste experience to offer to our customers, to tell, through our passion, flavours of natural food ot the past.

The vegetables, picked when they are strictly mature, are immedialty transformed after harvest, without any chemical additive, preservative or food colouring.

Each can is the simple result of a natural process : from sowing to harvest, until the recipe which bring this can to our table, exactly as an homemade product. The extra virgin olive oil, with its strong fragrance, reminds us the grass just cut and the tomato, the main ingredient of prepared sauces, will marry perfectly with pasta and other incredible culinary preparations, always giving this deep, authentic and typical flavour of sicilian recipes.

Our agricultural philosophy is based on two main principles:

Along the southwest coast of Sicily, in the province of Agrigento, not far from the famous Valley of the Temples, beetween the Platani river and the Aragona’s gentle hills, is situated the Castello d’Angio’s property, known as A Turri, that means “A TURRI“. In this Mediterranean island, the Castello d’Angio’s property, for many generations, deals with land cultivation, transformation and commercialization of its own products.

The cultivable agricultural area is in the order of 110 hectares, full of vines, olive trees, citruses, vegetables. The good agricultural management practices, using organic fertilisers with inter-row landfill of fava beans, and meeting organic food standards, serve as a basis of our innovative work.

The resulting products are : wine, extra virgin olive oil, honey, orange jam, lemon jam, mandarin jam, pâté of dried tomatoes, artichokes, green olives, black olives, caponata of artichokes and caponata of eggplants, condiments with oregano, rosemary, lemon, orange and garlic always with extra virgin olive oil.

Elegance, kindess, hospitality : here is the behaviour that encourages the customer to come back again.

Authenticity, attention, professionalism : here is what customers remember about us.

Tradition and innovation

Healthy eating means living better : with us you can!