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Organic Farm Corporation Castello d’Angiò: History

Righ about now you’re probably asking yourself who we are, what we’re doing and if we really cultivate the soil to obtain natural and organic products.

First, let me introduce myself, my name is Stefano and I was born in a wonderful city of northern Europe called Zaandam (Holland).

My father Raimondo (sicilian) and my mother Geerdruida (dutch) have spent several years of their life in Holland, where I grew up with my brothers Francesco and Michele.
One fine day, my parents felt homesick and decided to leave Holland to relocate to Sicily, in a village called Aragona, and more specifically in a locality called A Turri oppure U Santu, at the foot of the wonderful Valley of the Temples of Agrigento.
At the beginning, Sicily offered us a wonderful gift : the birth of Lidia and Miriam, our two sisters, also raised to love nature and genuine natural products.

In this remote area, far from any human habitation, Francesco, Michele and I learned to cultivate the soil how they used to do it. My grandfather Francesco and great-grandfather Alfonso have lived there, and, in my opinion, they were really unusual, unique, dedicated, hardworking and above all deeply attached to their land and their agricultural methods.
With much patience and pedagogy, they conveyed their passion for authentic things, for the true flavours of the cultivated soil.
The principal crops are wheat, almonds, pistachios, grape, tomato, strawberry and other product varieties.

Today, even though many years have passed since the beginning of the 19th century, when my great-grandfather and his family have settled there, we made the decision to continue to follow their example, cultivating the soil with love and passion, to ensure your satisfaction with authenticity, like in the old days.

The land, if we have patience, offers us health and wealth : “Do not hurry, everything in its own time” used to repeat my grandfather Francesco. He wanted to explain us that we always have to wait and see what the season will bring, and he was right!

If we let the seasons, sun and clear air work fos us, without interfering constantly with the nature, we’ll have a really natural product with the flavours of the past… genuine, authentic, with a lot of benefits for the human organism.

On this website, I want to share with you our wine, our olive oil, our tomato sauce, our tomato puree, our olives, our almonds, and many other products.
Today these natural and organic products, without chemical preservatives, weedkillers or chemical fertilizers are disappearing, but we have not said our last word!

We are prepared to fight against everything that affects what we eat. Return to the essentials, to the flavours of this land and to the sun of Sicily, which has always generously shared its wonders.

And it’s on this website that we’ll aim to share our love for natural and genuine things.