Organic Saffron

  • Organic Saffron
  • Organic Saffron
  • Organic Saffron
  • Organic Saffron

This precious plant is cultivated by the farm Castello d’Angio to produce saffron (powder or pistils).

Why choose our organic saffron?

The high quality of Castello d’Angio’s organic saffron is linked to the fact that we are committed to meeting quality standards required from clients:
– growing and processing method is carried out manually
– the product is not steamed but dried, so it’s not subject to external contamination like resins and wood smells
– the harvest and the drying take place simultaneously
– saffron pistils are jarred by hand
– we monitor our production processes closely, from sowing to the harvest of saffron flowers, from drying to packaging
– our saffron meet all the existing standards to be an organic premium product.

Organic Food

Beneficial properties of saffron.

Since antiquity, the saffron was famous for its beneficial and curative properties.

According to studies, the saffron was used by ancient Persians to treat respiratory problems.

Saffron contains vitamin A, B and C and is rich in beta-carotene. Its antioxidant properties are fundamental for health, growth and cellular longevity. For example, saffron contains lycopene (carotenoid) which improves the elimination of free radicals consuming oxygen.

Saffron has positive impacts on the nervous system, in particular regarding mood, and, according to studies, it can be a natural help in case of minor depressive state.

Thanks to the strong presence of carotenoids, saffron is able to improve learning capabilities and memory.